The Spotlight

With a wealth of experience in designing and delivering customised learning and organisational solutions, our experts are put under the spotlight.

If you can't measure impact, then it's not happening

Ashorne Hill's Programme Director Ann Bicknell is put in the spotlight, as we ask her about her inspiration for becoming a training professional along with her top tips for L&D colleagues for 2016. 

"Other than buying in new capability, training (& development) is the only way that organisations can 'do' change…"   Click here to read more


Get techy or make friends with someone who will

Ashorne Hill's Head of Online Learning Matthew Hayes hits this spotlight with some self-reflection and how a study in behavioural economics can assist the L&D community.

"As with all the best things in life it started with a smile. In the same way that I knew I would buy my first house the moment I saw it, I knew when I met my first boss that I would work for her. The fabulous Ashorne environment also helped…"   Click here to read more


Increase engagement and act as a curator

The spotlight strikes again with Ashorne Hill's Programme Director Jo Stott, talking about tapping into a learners potential and practicing neuro science techniques.

"My background and early professional qualifications are in hospitality management. I took this route as I loved travel and anything to do with food. This seemed to be the way to do both…"     Click here to read more


Make sure that blended solutions are fit for purpose

Ashorne Hill's Senior Programme Director Terry Gordon enlightens us with his love of training, with who inspires him and top tips for L&D professionals in 2016.

"I think I've always been passionate about training. Even before I moved into the training sector, I always enjoyed helping and advising other people. I would usually be the one who ran training sessions for new staff, or that people came to when they needed something explained…"       Click here to read more