Lunch Menu

Monday 21st September


Leek, Potato & Rosemary Soup V, NF, DF, GF, VG 

Your choice of White or Brown Bread Roll is available from the kitchen

Main Courses

Sausage Casserole, Grain Mustard Mash, Savory Cabbage & a Herb Crumb NF

Roasted Courgette & Red Onion Puff Pastry Tart, Balsamic Roasted New Potatoes & a Pesto Dressing V, NF

Penne Pasta, Arrabiatta Sauce, Rustic Croutons, Rocket V, NF

Main Course Salad

Smoked Ham, Mustard Dressing NF, GF

Hot Smoked Peppered Mackerel, Horseradish Mayonnaise NF, GF

Cajun Roast Butternut Squash NF, GF, DF, V, VG

Served with

Penna Pasta, Moroccan Spiced Chickpeas & Artichokes NF, DF, V

Rosemary New Potatoes, Roast Carrot & Celery NF, V

Classic Coleslaw NF, GF, V

Mixed Leaf Salad, Tomato, Cucumber & Grated Carrot

Jacket Potato

Served with your choice of 2 fillings & Mixed Leaf Salad

Tuna Mayo (NF, GF),

Grated Cheese (V, NF, GF), Baked Beans (V, NF, GF, DF),

Coleslaw (V, NF, GF), Cottage Cheese (V, NF, GF)

Tuna is available with or without mayonnaise


Vanilla Cupcakes, Raspberry Butter Cream (V, NF)



V = Vegetarian,  VG = Vegan

  GF = suitable for gluten free or adaptable for a gluten free diet,

 DF = suitable for dairy free or adaptable for a dairy free  diet

 NF = suitable for nut free