Team Development

At Ashorne Hill we have been designing and delivering learning solutions for over 50 years, so we understand why a blended approach to delivering a message is so important.

Face-to-face delivery is usually essential but experiential and action learning certainly has a place. This type of learning can be delivered through team development activities, enabling a group to be more effective in the workplace.

From individual preferences identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), to an understanding of complementary team member contributions highlighted by the Belbin Team Roles questionnaire, to the effectiveness of interpersonal working relationships as identified by FIRO-B, the Ashorne Hill team will where appropriate design-in a well-established and reliable psychometric assessment to ensure that the team development exercise is geared as closely as possible to individual personalities and learning needs, and the development needs of the wider team.

Belbin Team Roles output data, together with the output from other questionnaires including Leadership Styles and Communications Styles - all of which can be completed online prior to attending a training module - can provide excellent input to learning sessions and create direct stimulation for participants' understanding and personal development.

Our team development exercises are tailored to suit your requirements based on group size, duration, location and physical effort, as well as objectives and learning outcomes from the session.