Online Learning

"Our dedicated e-learning design team creates learning experiences that are immersive and action oriented"

Head of Online Learning Solutions, Matthew Hayes

We have the breadth of creative and technical capabilities to design narrative and graphical scenarios that learner's relate to, allowing them to make decisions, and receive feedback that guides their learning and builds their confidence. We don't believe click-next-and-read is really e-learning.

Whether as a standalone solution or part of a program, our learning design approach is to deliver impactful, and bitesize learning activities. This enables us to use the best approach for our clients business needs, and the learning needs of their people.

For more information or to take a look at our demos, please contact elearning@ashornehill.co.uk.


e-Learning is one of the fastest growing areas in the training industry, and is accessible to any organisation. Our e-learning development is led by innovative learning design and industry-leading technology.  We deliver highly engaging, memorable and effective courses to large numbers of users with significantly reduced lead times. 

Our dedicated e-learning team has a breadth of experience in rapid authoring technologies and effective learning design methods. We create courses that are relevant, action-centred and engaging; and that also provide opportunities for ongoing practice and assessment.


Virtual Classrooms are an incredibly versatile tool for online training, enabling us to deliver instructor-led training to staff anywhere via the web.  Our virtual classroom sessions are tailored to your organisation's training needs. With a trainer always online during the lesson, the session can flex and respond to inputs from the learners and be guided to deliver the most valuable and relevant content for each group.

Webinars can be presented during normal business hours, and we encourage active participation in the sessions through Q&A, instant messaging and group chat.  This focuses on what learners can take away from the session and immediately put into practice.