Learning & Organisational Development Network

The Ashorne Hill Learning & Organisational Development (L&OD) Network at Ashorne Hill was founded in October 2010, and now has over one hundred member organisations. Members share a strong commitment to implementing development programmes for their leadership and management teams. 

Our quarterly Network meetings take the form of a highly interactive discussion on the keynote topics proposed by our members before each meeting, so that we always focus on current priority L&OD topics and challenges. Through this discussion L&OD professionals can compare ideas and experiences with their peers from other industry sectors.

Recent themes and topics have included:

* Organisational Culture and the role of L&D
* Innovation - an OD or L&D challenge?
* Key areas of senior management development for MD-level competency
* Talent Management and High/Boosted Potential individuals
* Communicating soft-skills ROI
* Using psychometrics to identify development needs

Membership of the Ashorne Hill Learning & Organisational Development Network is by invitation only but requests for membership are welcome from all L&D or OD professionals working in major private and public sector organisations.

To be part of our network of L&OD professionals, to engage, collaborate and share best practice, please contact Stephen Upton at Ashorne Hill on 01926 488016 or stephen.upton@ashornehill.co.uk