Level 3 - Team Leader / Supervisor Apprenticeship (TLA)

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Our Leadership and Management Apprenticeship programme at Level 3 is designed for those who are, or wish to become a Team Leader/ Supervisor in a First Line Management role. This role is defined as someone with operational/project responsibilities, or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome.

There are no age restrictions for these new apprenticeships in accessing Apprenticeship Levy funding.

Key Responsibilities covered
Managing, developing and supporting team members, managing projects, planning /monitoring workloads and resources, delivering operational plans, resolving problems, building relationships internally and externally.

Duration - 15 months

Key Components (Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours)
Level 3 Table
Delivery Elements - Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship
Using the principles of 70:20:10
70% Experience (on the job projects and assignments)
20% Exposure (action learning groups, business mentor, line manager support, communities of practice)
10% Education (on line learning, workshops, webinars)
Our TLA Apprenticeship Programme will be designed to the needs of your organisation but typically will include the following elements:

• On boarding webinar and Induction
• In depth, initial assessment
• Three modules of 2-days ' face to face delivery,
contextualised to your business environment and priority objectives
• 'Topic Taster' Webinars
• Coaching Conversations assessment surgeries
• CMI Workbooks and Ashorne Hill 'Management Direct' Learning Journeys
• Individual, business led, ongoing assessment
• 'Getting you to the Gateway Event'
• Learning from Line Managers' - discussion groups with managers from your organisation
• Action Learning Group interactions
• Business mentor
• Dedicated workplace trainer/ coach
• Monthly reviews (Apprentice/ Employer/ Workplace Trainer/ Coach)

• Certificate to demonstrate completion of the Apprenticeship
• CMI or ILM Diploma Level 3 in Leadership & Management

Associate membership of the CMI

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