Blended Learning

Blended learning merges the best features of face-to-face training, e-learning, and online classrooms to create memorable experiences and lasting organisational benefits.  Blending different styles of learning intervention caters for a variety of learning styles, enabling people to learn collaboratively both on- and off-line - as well as providing regular opportunities for people to practise what they have learned and to receive feedback.

Our custom blended solutions give learners a series of authentic, goal-orientated interventions that allow them to create new knowledge and to practise key skills and behaviours critical to improving their performance.

Whether you are looking to move away from one-size fits all training, leverage the opportunities of digital media, or integrate learning into workplace activities, you will probably be thinking about taking a blended approach to learning.

Ashorne Hill offers a clear focus on excellence in learning design, with the breadth of capability to design programs that include the right elements.

From webinars to bespoke e-learning, 1 to 1 coaching to workplace skills application, we create the right blend for your business, and learning audience.