Assessment approach and benefits for apprentices and organisations

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Apprenticeship Programmes - Assessment approach

Assessment Plan
Each learner has an assessment plan drawn up with them at the start of their apprenticeship. This details how and when they will be assessed - including both formative on-programme assessment and inpreparation for the summative end point assessment (the 'Gateway' event). This plan will also include the CMI Assignment Schedule.

On-programme Assessment
Evidence is individual and can include assignments, reports, tasks undertaken, assignments, and appraisals against performance objectives. It can also include plans, records of observation of performance, KPI data, a personal reflective log, and feedback on behaviours via contact with others. Teamwork is also assessed - based on managers' reports, emails, customer comments, peer reviews, recorded professional discussions and presentations.

Gateway to end-point assessment
This is the point when all agree the participant is ready for the end point assessment (EPA). This assessment includes a number of different elements, depending on the programme level.

Ashorne Hill - Added Value

• We will map apprenticeship behaviours to your competency framework and company values - and include your organisation's strategy, systems, processes and established procedures
• We can design parts of the programme to become a part of your Learning & Development
'offer' beyond the scope of the Apprenticeship e.g. Finance, Commercial Awareness, Introduction to Coaching Practice
• Demonstrable return on investment from the targeted work based projects and evaluation
• 70:20:10 approach used to gain the most traction for new learning back in your business
• Face to face modules are used to challenge and apply skills using experiential learning
• Opportunity to use our dedicated learning venue
• Scheduled, focused touch points with Apprentices to provide support and action planning
• Invitation to join our OMA or TLA Communities of Practice at Ashorne Hill.


Benefits for Apprentices and Organisations

• Programme costs are funded from your Apprenticeship Levy digital account
• Opportunities to use the OMA or the TLA as your graduate programme, or as a progression route for graduates after completing your existing graduate programme
• Provides a head-start into leadership and management for your early careers talent pool
• A tried and tested way for employers to recruit new staff, re-train or up-skill existing staff
• Apprenticeships provide clear career pathways and progression routes


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