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As a leading learning solutions provider, we work in partnership with our customer organisations to develop blended learning programmes aligned with their business goals and strategic objectives.

Apprenticeship programmes at Ashorne Hill also focus on demonstrable organisational and personal development, to unlock future productivity. Experienced managers and top talent within the organisation will therefore embark on learning pathways anchored in their business context, making their experience of
learning more enjoyable and more effective as a direct result.

As a Strategic Partner of CMI and an Approved Centre of ILM, our learning solutions create apprenticeship learning pathways that enhance the learning experience through a range of blended learning approaches: including online learning, experiential learning, role-playing, case studies, coaching, action learning,
work-based projects, facilitated workshops, 360-degree feedback, job shadowing, reflective practice, and sharing peer-to-peer learning experiences.

This business context and blended solutions pedigree provides Ashorne Hill with a wealth of experience, that we are now using with our customer organisations to jointly develop their apprenticeship programmes for new entrants, high performers and established managers.

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Level 5 - Operations/ Departmental Manager Apprenticeship (OMA)

Level 3 - Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship (TLA)

Apprenticeship Programmes - Assessment approach