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Expertly crafted, mobile and digital-first blended learning
programmes that deliver personal impact and business results.

Crafted Digital Content

We’ve been delivering digital learning since 2005, and now we’ve brought together our user experience design, and our expertise in leadership, personal development and business skills. The results are rich and rewarding digital content specifically designed to be part of a blended learning journey.

Flexible mobile learning at Ashorne Hill

Free Content
Simple, Faster, more Flexible Learning

If you have 4 minutes and are ready to focus on a compact and rich learning experience, this absorbing Ashorne Hill crafted content can give you a new perspective on the most demanding leadership issues.


Supporting people through change to maintain performance levels is a huge leadership challenge.
In this interactive Video, Matt Hayes explains the model first devised by Dr David Rock, and the implications for managers.

5 Stages of Team Development

Building teams to transition to high performance takes the right leadership inputs at the right times.
Bruce Tuckman’s classic model helps managers to recognise stages of team development, and the best approaches to boost team performance.

Supporting a Culture
Self-Directed Learning

Our portfolio of digital content, interactive video, and mobile first leadership toolkits, deliver upfront knowledge and support ongoing performance development to make every day a learning day.

Digital Graduate Development Programme

Core Leadership Transition Programmes

  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Feedback
  • Communication
  • Decision-Making & Problem-Solving
  • Leadership & Management
  • Managing Individuals
  • Personal Awareness
  • Teams

Additional Skills Modules

  • Finance
  • Health & Safety
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Marketing
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Strategy
  • Wellbeing & Resilience

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