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Environmental Statement for Ashorne Hill Conference Centre

Ashorne Hill are aware of the negative impacts in which the day to day running of the business can have on the environment, therefore are working towards minimizing this impact and have committed to a five-year environmental carbon management plan.

As a company we have engaged in the following initiatives and activities:

Estate Management

Ashorne Hill have a programme in place to plant broad leaf deciduous trees in the grounds.

On site we have our own sewage system which is enzyme based with reed beds for final polishing of all waste water. The final product is then suitable for discharge into water courses and is monitored by the environment agency to ensure strict consent levels are adhered to.

Our gardeners insure that the wildlife and habitats are protected, through planting and waste management including recycling of coffee grounds and gardening waste into compost.

We have introduced an electric car charging point for two vehicles, which is free of charge for customer use. We also encourage use of public transport, car sharing, and cycling with an on-site cycle store in the grounds.


We reduce waste through re-using and re-cycling, with all cardboard being compacted on site before collection for recycling via a local supplier.

We have a no print policy on our E-mails, and office PCs and technology has been replaced with efficient models to reduce power usage.

Smart whiteboards and technology in the meeting rooms reduces paper usage, and 70% of the meeting rooms now have LED Lighting.

Overall, low energy lighting and PIR sensors have now been installed in 70% of the venue, and night staff ensure all lights are switched off in rooms out of use.

For the use of the meeting rooms and restaurant we bottle our own water.

We cater for all dietary requirements and provide healthy eating options, with more than 30% of food being vegetarian or vegan at all meals. All food allergen information is displayed and the F&B team source local suppliers wherever possible. We also have a small on-site kitchen garden to produce fresh herbs for the kitchen.

Use of linen table covers and napkins instead of disposables, along with china, glass and silverware rather than single-use items.

Ashorne Hill has eliminated the use of bleach across the site, and avoids unnecessary laundering of linen and towels through customer education into environmental impact.


We screen suppliers and ensure we work in partnership with those who have a good environmental policy in place and wherever possible we source local products.

We work in conjunction with English Heritage on the preservation and conservation of the property, and ensure that all development works take into account the environmental impact.

Work has taken place to install energy efficient windows where possible, along with thermally efficient insulation and cladding to the Malvern and Stratford blocks. Insulated underlay and recycled flooring options are also used wherever possible during refurbishment projects.

In addition, 3 boilers have been replaced and upgraded to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


Ashorne Hill was awarded a Green Tourism Bronze level on the very first assessment in 2014, and has subsequently attained the Silver Level in 2016. The scheme helps businesses focus on green policies and credentials and helps them aim for awards by producing a report to show areas that can be developed and improved. The reports take into account such things as sustainability, community, green credentials and plans for the future.

Ashorne Hill was commended on high levels of insulation, investment in LED lighting, solar panels and plans for further improvements. Ashorne Hill will continue to make improvements and will be striving for the gold award, by further monitoring and actively managing green and social initiatives across the business.

To view our full audit from our Green Tourism award - Click here.

In March 2017 Ashorne Hill was also awarded the Trip Advisor GreenLeaders Silver Level for our commitment to green practices.

Environmental Policy Statement

At Ashorne Hill we are committed to delivering our range of services responsibly.  Our aim is to continuously create positive improvements for all of our stakeholders, and to ensure a positive impact both on our local environment and globally.

This aim can only be achieved through the integration of responsible approaches to environmental matters into everything that we do.  It will also require significant and sustained investment of time and resources over the long term.


Hence, our approach is based on the following enduring commitments:


  • To reduce and minimise our waste year on year, and reuse or recycle as much of it as is possible.
  • To carefully monitor and minimise energy and water use on our site in order to conserve supplies and reduce the consumption of natural resources.
  • To purchase products and services that can, as far as possible, do the least damage to the environment.
  • To consciously integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into our decision making and activities.
  • To communicate our aims and activities widely, consulting with staff, customers and other stakeholders to encourage best practice and feedback in this area.
  • To promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To actively follow and comply with legislation, to ensure all stakeholders are protected from any significant health, safety or environmental hazards both now and in the future.
  • To benchmark our environmental performance within our industry to actively seek further economic and environmental saving opportunities.