1. Do you have reserved wide parking bays available for disabled people within a reasonable distance from the entrance to the venue?

Yes - There are two allocated wide parking bays located directly outside the main entrance doors

2. Are rooms either on the ground floor with level access, or accessible via lifts and/or ramps?

We have 4 main meeting rooms available on the ground floor. We have 14 meeting rooms with access via a lift.

3. Are toilet facilities accessible for a person using a wheelchair? (A fully accessible toilet means that individuals using wheelchairs and with visual impairments should be able to use the facility without requesting help, a key or additional information).

Yes - There are full W.C facilities for use with a wheelchair, including easy to operate door handles/locks, sinks and water taps. Each toilet is also fitted with 'grab rails' and emergency alarms.

4. Are there procedures in place for safe evacuation of people with mobility, hearing or visual impairments in an emergency? (eg. are vibrating pagers available, can 'buddies' be arranged to ensure safe evacuation for people with disabilities).

Yes - On arrival all guests have a meet and greet briefing with the Front of House Manager, in this briefing an evacuation process is discussed. The Front of House Manager can be in constant contact via mobile phone and radio. In the first instance delegates contact details are passed to the Front of House Manager and any specific actions that are required are outlined before the delegates arrived.  

If there are any delegates with disabilities an action plan is required in case of emergency. In the 'access' bedrooms we supply vibrating pillows and a red flashing beacon which are triggered when the fire alarm is activated. Both bathrooms have emergency pull-cords which are linked to the fire panel in order to summon assistance. 

Ashorne Hill has a Buddy system, which can be put, in place as required. If a delegate with disabilities attends Ashorne Hill we can arrange a 'Buddy' assistance plan for the duration of the meeting.   

5. Are corridors wide enough to allow comfortable wheelchair access if required?


6. Are rooms equipped with an induction loop? Or are portable loops available for use?

Yes - We currently have induction loops in the following rooms:


We also have a portable loop available for use across the premises.

7. Is the clear opening width of an existing entrance door at least 800mm?


8. Are all internal doors wide enough to ensure comfortable wheelchair access if required?


9. Does the venue have signage that is clear and consistent throughout (or can temporary signage be produced and displayed?)


10. Is the venue accessible by public transport?

Yes - Leamington and Warwick railway station are between 5 and 10 mins away. Ashorne Hill also works with a taxi company that can pick up and collect delegates.

11.  Can you cater for a wide range of dietary needs e.g. vegan/vegetarian, and where specific requests are made e.g. halal?

Yes - We always have a vegetarian option and we will ensure that all dietary needs are met if we are made aware in advance. Halal options must be booked in advance.

12. Do you allow assistance dogs on the premises?