Next up on our getting to know you blog is our Business Development Manager Rebecca Brooks.

Your name

Rebecca Brooks.

Your job title

Business Development Manager.

How long have you worked at Ashorne Hill?

Nearly 7 Years !!

What has been your favourite work moment to date?

We’ve had so many, seeing an event from an idea to delivery is always amazing. On a personal note I got married here 4 years ago so that’s my stand out moment.

Who is your work wife? The one person you can’t wait to have a face-to-face banter with when we can?

The team are amazing, and we all get on so well so I can’t pick one. We laugh most of the day or have a good whinge when needed.

What is your proudest lockdown moment?

Surviving home schooling and spending time with my family that I wouldn’t have had.

What are you most looking forward to when Ashorne Hill re-opens?

Seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, getting back in touch with colleagues in the industry and my accounts.

What will your colleagues most be looking forward to seeing or hearing from you when they all return?

Most likely what we’ve been watching on the telly or reading, we all love a good drama in the office.

Give us the best piece of advice you can for companies thinking about organising that first post-lockdown face-to-face meeting.

Trust the venues to deliver a safe environment, at Ashorne Hill our customers are always top priority. Everyone will have had a different journey through the pandemic and will be at a different stage when lockdown is lifted. I think listening is key.

At Ashorne Hill we all exude positivity.  Give us your most positive phrase or saying.

Positive thinking goes a long way.