Coronavirus Statement at Ashorne Hill
17th March 2020

Government and Public Health guidance is constantly evolving and at Ashorne Hill we have been following this closely. Our policies have been updated to reflect the latest advice. However, we recognise that we may be asked to close or forced to close due to lack of staff. In order to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus we have put contingency plans together to remain open for business as usual as far as is possible. We have had to make some difficult decisions with regards to staffing our business over this uncertain period and hope that you will support us in any decisions that may impact your experience at Ashorne Hill.

1. Visiting Ashorne Hill
1.1 We will no longer be asking guests to fill in a declaration form at Reception. However, we do ask that if any guests expecting to attend an event at Ashorne Hill have any of the symptoms associated with the Coronavirus that they follow the NHS advise to self-isolate for 7 days.

1.1 Hygiene precautions:-
• Hand sanitizer gels are located in all public meeting points including Reception, coffee stations, bar and restaurant. Toilets have antibacterial liquid soap as standard.
• All door handles in public areas are disinfected using a standard disinfection spray on a daily basis.
• All touch points in occupied bedrooms are disinfected using a disinfection spray on a daily basis.
• Colour coded cloths are in use throughout the housekeeping department to reduce cross contamination and cloths washed daily to a high temperature.

1.3 Should you or any of your delegates develop symptoms of the Coronavirus whilst visiting Ashorne Hill please leave the site immediately and let Reception know the reason you are leaving.

2 Cancelling an event

2.1 Should you need to cancel a confirmed event at Ashorne Hill our current policy is to charge 100% cancellation charges for events with 3 days or less notice. If the event is booked more than 4 days ahead and would have incurred some cancellation charges then this will be charged at 50% of what those charges would have been. However, if you are able to rebook the event to take place before 31st August 2020 then a refund of those charges will be made to the event, assuming it goes ahead.

2.2 Whilst Ashorne Hill anticipates keeping the business open as usual we may be required to close on certain days where it is not financially viable to remain open. Should that happen and we have to cancel your event then we will give you a minimum of 5 working day’s notice and rebook your event to take place within the following 2 weeks at a 50% discount.

3 Service provision

3.1 We have made the following adjustments to our service provision in order to minimise the spread of the virus:-
o Buffets and working lunches have been suspended and only plated meals will be available. This does not affect bacon rolls and packed lunches if required (individually wrapped)
o Bar snacks have been suspended. However, a restaurant meal will be available for B&B guests.
o All biscuits and fruit for refreshment will be wrapped.

3.2 We have asked our staff to agree to flexible arrangements and to support departments should staff numbers be significantly affected by the outbreak. We will continue to operate with low staff numbers and would ask that you bear with us if the service is not what you would normally expect from us here at Ashorne Hill.