Considering the current pandemic COVID-19, we want to reassure our customers we are doing everything we can to minimise the risk.
Here in Ashorne we have put in place measures to avoid the risk of spreading the virus including a declaration form (signed by all), sanitising bottles in our public areas, room handles cleaned daily and a clean of the public areas once a week. A policy document has also been sent to organisers. Whilst we cannot guarantee that this will enable us to avoid an outbreak it does give assurance to both customers and staff that we are doing everything we can to help avoid it.

This is indeed a challenging time that our industry is facing and to assist with the uncertainty of the next few months we will be offering flexible cancellation terms for new bookings taking place before the 31st May 2020.

Events booked will have the opportunity to cancel or postpone without charge up to 3 days prior to the event date. This is applicable to bookings up to 40 people.
For existing bookings, we are also offering flexibility on a case by case basis.

To make a booking please call the Sales Team on 01926 488008.